1920s & 1930s
1910Madge MacbethThe Winning GameFiction
1917Madge MacbethKleath (Collab. George W. Gage; illustrated by Gage)Fiction
1920Marie Le FrancLes Voix du coeur et de l'âmePoetry
1922Mazo de la RocheExplorers of the DawnFiction
1923Evelyn EatonThe InterpreterPoetry
1923Madge MacbethThe Patterson LimitFiction
1923Laura SalversonThe Viking HeartFiction
1923Marie Le FrancLes Voix de misère et d'allégressePoetry
1923Mazo de la RochePossessionFiction
1924Madge MacbethThe Land of AfternoonFiction
1924Martha OstensoIn a Far LandFiction
1924Jovette-Alice BernierRoulades...Poetry
1925Martha OstensoWild GeeseFiction
1925Laura SalversonWayside GleamsPoetry
1925Laura SalversonWhen Sparrows FallFiction
1925Marie Le FrancGrand-Louis l'innocentFiction
1925Mazo de la RocheLow Life: A Comedy in One ActDrama
1926Martha OstensoThe Dark DawnFiction
1926Mazo de la RocheDelightFiction
1926Madge MacbethShacklesFiction
1926Jovette-Alice BernierComme l'oiseauPoetry
1927Dorothy RobertsSongs for Swift FeetPoetry
1927Mazo de la RocheCome TruePoetry
1927Jean Coulthard'Cradle Song' (text Padraic Colum, also arr. for solo voice)Musical Scores & Recordings
1927Mazo de la RocheJalnaFiction
1927Martha OstensoThe Mad CarewsFiction
1927Laura SalversonLord of the Silver Dragon: A Romance of Leif the LuckyFiction
1927Mabel DunhamToward SodomFiction
1928Dorothy LivesayGreen PitcherPoetry
1928Mazo de la RocheThe Return of the EmigrantFiction
1928Marie Le FrancLe Poste sur la duneFiction
1929Mazo de la RocheLow Life and Other Plays (collects Low Life, Come True and Return of the Immigrant)Drama
1929Martha OstensoThe Young May MoonFiction
1929Mazo de la RocheWhiteoaks of JalnaFiction
1930Marie Le FrancInventaireFiction
1930Martha OstensoThe Waters under the EarthFiction
1930Mazo de la RochePortrait of a DogFiction
1930Marie Le FrancHélier, fils des boisFiction
1931Mabel DunhamThe Trail of the King's MenFiction
1931Martha OstensoPrologue to LoveFiction
1931Marie Le FrancAu pays canadien-françaisAcademic
1931Jovette-Alice BernierOn vend le bonheurAcademic
1931Jovette-Alice BernierLa Chair décevanteFiction
1932Mazo de la RocheLark AscendingFiction
1932Mazo de la RocheFinch's FortuneFiction
1932Jovette-Alice BernierLes Masques déchirésPoetry
1932Mazo de la RocheThe Thunder of the New WingsFiction
1932Marie Le FrancDans l'îleFiction
1932Dorothy LivesaySignpostPoetry
1933Laura SalversonThe DoveFiction
1933Martha OstensoThere's Always Another YearFiction
1933Mazo de la RocheThe Master of JalnaFiction
1934Marie Le FrancLa Rivière solitaireFiction
1934Edna JaquesWide HorizonsPoetry
1934Marie Le FrancVisages de MontréalFiction
1934Edna JaquesDrifting SoilPoetry
1934Mazo de la RocheBeside a Norman TowerFiction
1934Martha OstensoThe White ReefFiction
1935Jean Coulthard'Threnody' (text Herrick)Musical Scores & Recordings
1935Madge MacbethThe Kinder BeesFiction
1935Mazo de la RocheYoung RennyFiction
1935Edna JaquesMy Kitchen WindowPoetry
1936Mazo de la RocheWhiteoaks: A Play (Collab. Nancy Price)Drama
1936Mazo de la RocheWhiteoak HarvestFiction
1936Marie Le FrancLa Randonnée passionnéeFiction
1937Laura SalversonThe Dark WeaverFiction
1937Mazo de la RocheThe Very Little HouseFiction
1937Martha OstensoThe Stone FieldFiction
1937Edna JaquesDreams in Your HeartPoetry
1937Floris Clark McLarenFrozen FirePoetry
1938Gwethalyn GrahamSwiss SonataFiction
1938Laura SalversonBlack LaceFiction
1938Marie Le FrancPêcheurs de GaspésieFiction
1938Martha OstensoThe Mandrake RootFiction
1938Evelyn EatonSummer DustFiction
1938Mazo de la RocheGrowth of a ManFiction
1938Gwen Pharis RingwoodStill Stands the HouseDrama
1939Anne Marriott (Joyce Anne Marriott)The Wind Our EnemyPoetry
1939Rina LasnierFéerie indienne: Kateri TekakwithaDrama
1939Laura SalversonConfessions of an Immigrant's DaughterAutobiography
1939Adrienne ChoquetteConfidences d'ecrivains canadiens-francais (Ed.)Conversations & Correspondence
1939Marjorie Wilkins CampbellThe Soil Is Not EnoughAcademic
1939Evelyn EatonPray to the EarthFiction
1939Mazo de la RocheThe Sacred Bullock and Other Stories of AnimalsFiction
1939Gwen Pharis RingwoodPasque FlowerDrama
1935Gwen Pharis RingwoodThe Dragons of Kent (Prod. 1935)Children's & Young Adult
1937Elsie Park GowanThe Building of Canada (Prod. 1937-1938, radio series)Drama
1938Elsie Park GowanThe Last Cave Man (Prod. 1938)Drama
1938Gwen Pharis RingwoodChris Axelson, Blacksmith (Prod. 1938)Drama
1938Gwen Pharis RingwoodOne Man’s House (Prod. 1938)Drama
1930Violet Archer3 early worksMusical Scores & Recordings
1940Violet Archer2 String QuartetsMusical Scores & Recordings
1940Violet ArcherPoem for OrchestraMusical Scores & Recordings
1940Mazo de la RocheWhiteoak HeritageFiction
1940Jean CoulthardExcursion (ballet)Musical Scores & Recordings
1940Jean CoulthardA Winter's TaleMusical Scores & Recordings
1940Edna JaquesBritons AwakePoetry
1940Evelyn EatonQuietly My Captain WaitsFiction
1941Mazo de la RocheWakefield's CourseFiction
1941Doris FerneEbb TidePoetry
1941Violet ArcherBritannia - A Joyful OvertureMusical Scores & Recordings
1941Floris Clark McLarenContemporary Verse: A Canadia QuarterlyPoetry
1941Margaret MillarThe Invisible WormFiction
1941Dorothy DuncanHere’s to CanadaAcademic
1941Violet ArcherFantasia ConcertanteMusical Scores & Recordings
1941Rina LasnierImages et proses (with photographs)Poetry
1941Violet ArcherPsalm 150Musical Scores & Recordings
1941Anne Marriott (Joyce Anne Marriott)Calling AdventurersPoetry
1941Emily CarrKlee WyckMemoir
1941Edna JaquesBeside Still WatersPoetry
1942Margaret MillarThe Devil Loves MeFiction
1942Evelyn EatonRestless are the SailsFiction
1942Rina LasnierLa Modestie chrétiennePoetry
1942Mabel DunhamThe Trail of the ConestogaFiction
1942Germaine GuèvremontEn pleine terreFiction
1942Louise Simone BennettJamaican Dialect VersesPoetry
1942Emily CarrThe Book of SmallMemoir
1942Martha OstensoLove Passed This WayFiction
1942Mazo de la RocheThe Two SaplingsFiction
1942Anne HébertLes Songes en Equilibre / Dreams in EquilibriumPoetry
1942Jean CoulthardSong to the Sea (overture)Musical Scores & Recordings
1942Grace MacLennan CampbellThorn-Apple TreeFiction
1942Violet ArcherFantasy for Clarinet and StringsMusical Scores & Recordings
1942Jean Coulthard'Love Song' (text Haida poem)Musical Scores & Recordings
1942Margaret MillarThe Weak-Eyed BatFiction
1942Anne Marriott (Joyce Anne Marriott)Salt Marsh and Other PoemsPoetry
1943Margaret MillarWall of EyesFiction
1943Evelyn EatonThe Sea is So WideFiction
1943Martha OstensoO River, Remember!Fiction
1943Martha OstensoAnd They Shall WalkFiction
1943Louise Simone BennettJamaican Humour in DialectPoetry
1943Olive KnoxBy Paddle and SaddleFiction
1943Rina LasnierLa Mère de nos mèresPoetry
1944Gwethalyn GrahamEarth and High HeavenFiction
1944Edna JaquesRoses in DecemberPoetry
1944Gwen Pharis RingwoodThe Courting of Marie JenvrinDrama
1944P. K. PageUnit of 5Poetry
1944Andrée MailletLe Marquiset têtu et le mulot réprobateur; les Aventures de la princesse ClaradoreChildren's & Young Adult
1944Violet ArcherSonataMusical Scores & Recordings
1944Marie Le FrancDans la tourmenteFiction
1944Margaret MillarFire Will FreezeFiction
1944Emily CarrThe House of All SortsMemoir
1944Gwen Pharis RingwoodThe Jack and the JokerDrama
1944Dorothy LivesayDay and NightPoetry
1944Mazo de la RocheBuilding of JalnaFiction
1944Dorothy DuncanPartner in Three WorldsAcademic
1944Mazo de la RocheQuebec: Historic SeaportAcademic
1944P. K. PageThe Sun and the MoonPoetry
1945Andrée MailletRistontacFiction
1945Anne Marriott (Joyce Anne Marriott)Sandstone and Other poemsPoetry
1945Violet Archer3 SonatinasMusical Scores & Recordings
1945Elizabeth SmartBy Grand Central Station I Sat Down and WeptFiction
1945Germaine GuèvremontLe Survenant (1945) and Marie-Didace (1947) / The Outlander (Trans. 1950)Fiction
1945Anne Marriott (Joyce Anne Marriott)Song Cycle (Collab. Barbara Pentland)Poetry
1945Jean CoulthardFour ÉtudesMusical Scores & Recordings
1945Evelyn EatonIn What Torn ShipFiction
1945Violet ArcherQuartetMusical Scores & Recordings
1945Miriam WaddingtonGreen WorldPoetry
1945Gabrielle RoyBonheur d’occasion / The Tin Flute (Trans. 1947)Fiction
1945Margaret MillarThe Iron GatesFiction
1945Jovette-Alice BernierMon deuil en rougePoetry
1945Jean CoulthardTwo SonatinasMusical Scores & Recordings
1945Violet ArcherSonata for Pianoforte (Revised 1957)Musical Scores & Recordings
1945Violet ArcherThree ScenesMusical Scores & Recordings
1945Evelyn RichardsonWe Keep a Light, or, We Bought an IslandMemoir
1945Gwen Pharis RingwoodDark HarvestDrama
1946Jean CoulthardThree Songs (text Joyce)Musical Scores & Recordings
1946Gwen Pharis RingwoodThe Drowning of Wasyl Nemitchuk (A Fine Coloured Easter Egg)Drama
1946Jean CoulthardTwo Songs (text J. Joyce)Musical Scores & Recordings
1946Edna JaquesBackdoor NeighboursPoetry
1946Emily CarrGrowing Pains: The Autobiography of Emily CarrAutobiography
1946Gwen Pharis RingwoodHatfield, The RainmakerDrama
1946P. K. PageAs Ten, As TwentyPoetry
1946Winifred BambrickContinental RevueFiction
1946Violet ArcherConcertino for Clarinet and Orchestra (Revised 1956)Musical Scores & Recordings
1946Mazo de la RocheReturn to JalnaFiction
1946Doris FernePaschal Lamb, and other poemsPoetry
1946Violet ArcherSymphonyMusical Scores & Recordings
1946Constance Beresford-HoweThe Unreasoning HeartFiction
1946Jean CoulthardMusic on a Quiet SongMusical Scores & Recordings
1946Violet ArcherFantasy on a Ground (Revised 1956)Musical Scores & Recordings
1946Evelyn EatonHeart in PilgrimageBiography
1946Evelyn EatonEvery Month was MayFiction
1946Violet ArcherFantasy for Violin and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings
1947Violet ArcherSix PreludesMusical Scores & Recordings
1947Jean CoulthardSonata for Oboe and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings
1947Grace ButtTrue Newfoundlanders (radio drama)Drama
1947Vera Lesik (Vera Lysenko, Luba Novak)Men in Sheepskin Coats: A Study in AssimilationAcademic
1947Violet ArcherTwo Pieces for Flute SoloMusical Scores & Recordings
1947Ethel WilsonHetty DorvalFiction
1947Violet ArcherThree Sketches for Two PianosMusical Scores & Recordings
1947Jean CoulthardSonataMusical Scores & Recordings
1947Madge MacbethShreds of CircumstanceFiction
1947Violet ArcherSuite for PianoMusical Scores & Recordings
1947Marie Le FrancO Canada! terre de nos aïeuxFiction
1947Rina LasnierLe Chant de la montéePoetry
1947Grace MacLennan CampbellFresh Wind BlowingFiction
1947Dorothy LivesayPoems for PeoplePoetry
1947Constance Beresford-HoweOf This Day’s JourneyFiction
1947Margaret MillarExperiment in SpringtimeFiction
1947Violet ArcherLamentations of JeremyMusical Scores & Recordings
1947Jean CoulthardSonata for Cello and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings
1947Katherine Mary FlanniganMrs. MikeFiction
1947Mabel DunhamKristli's TreesChildren's & Young Adult
1948Jean CoulthardSting Quartet No. 1 (Revised 1952)Musical Scores & Recordings
1948Chava RosenfarbDi balade fun nekh¥ti¥kn ¥valdPoetry
1948Martha OstensoMilk RouteFiction
1948Chava RosenfarbGe¥to un Andere Lider: Oykh Fragmentn fun a Tog BukhMemoir
1948Adrienne ChoquetteLa Coupe videFiction
1948Jean CoulthardCycle of Three Love Songs (text L. A. MacKay)Musical Scores & Recordings
1948Edna JaquesHills of HomePoetry
1948Jean CoulthardQuiet SongMusical Scores & Recordings
1948Chava RosenfarbGe¥to un Andere Lider: Oykh Fragmentn fun a Tog BukhPoetry
1948Violet ArcherFanfare and PassacagliaMusical Scores & Recordings
1948Violet ArcherTwo Chorale PreludesMusical Scores & Recordings
1948Jean Coulthard'Quebec May' (text Birney)Musical Scores & Recordings
1948Olive KnoxRed River ShadowsFiction
1948Margaret MillarIt’s All in the FamilyFiction
1949Evelyn EatonThe North Star is NearerFiction
1949Violet ArcherThe BellMusical Scores & Recordings
1949Margaret MillarThe Cannibal HeartFiction
1949Violet ArcherScherzo SinfonicoMusical Scores & Recordings
1949Violet Archer'Someone' (Collab. de la Mare; revised 1959)Musical Scores & Recordings
1949Ethel WilsonThe Innocent TravellerFiction
1949Edna JaquesAunt Hattie’s PlacePoetry
1949Violet ArcherDivertimento No. 1Musical Scores & Recordings
1949Louise Simone BennettM's' Lulu Sez: Jamaican Dialect PoemsPoetry
1949Françoise LorangerMathieuFiction
1949Martha OstensoThe Sunset TreeFiction
1949Violet ArcherUnder the Sun (text Bourinot)Musical Scores & Recordings
1949Constance Beresford-HoweThe Invisible GateFiction
1949Mazo de la RocheMary WakefieldFiction
1940Gwen Pharis RingwoodRed Flag at Evening (Prod. 1940)Drama
1940Gwen Pharis RingwoodSaturday Night (Prod. 1940)Drama
1943Gwen Pharis RingwoodChristmas 1943 (Prod. 1943)Drama
1945Gwen Pharis RingwoodStampede (Prod. 1945)Drama
1950Marjorie Wilkins CampbellThe SaskatchewanAcademic
1950Grace MacLennan CampbellThe Tower and the TownFiction
1950Evelyn EatonGive Me Your Golden HandFiction
1950Margaret MillarDo Evil in ReturnFiction
1950Jean CoulthardThree DancesMusical Scores & Recordings
1950Rina LasnierEscalesPoetry
1950Edna JaquesFireside PoemsPoetry
1950Anne HébertLe torrent / The Torrent: Novellas and Short Stories (Trans. Gwendolyn Moore 1973)Fiction
1950Catherine Anthony ClarkThe Golden Pine ConeChildren's & Young Adult
1950Louise RileyThe Mystery HorseChildren's & Young Adult
1950Judith Grossman (Judith Merril, C. M. Kornbluth, Cyril Judd)Shot in the Dark (Edited by Merril; anthology)Fiction
1950Dorothy LivesayCall My People HomePoetry
1950Violet ArcherLandscapes (text T.S. Eliot)Musical Scores & Recordings
1950Violet Archer'April Weather' (text A. B. England)Musical Scores & Recordings
1950Rina LasnierLe Jeu de la voyagèreDrama
1950Eleanor CameronThe Unheard MusicChildren's & Young Adult
1950Gabrielle RoyLa petite poule d’eau (Revised 1970) / Where Nests The Water Hen (Trans. 1951)Fiction
1950Violet Archer'Cradle Song' (text A. B. England)Musical Scores & Recordings
1950Lyn CookThe Bells on Finland StreetChildren's & Young Adult
1950Judith Grossman (Judith Merril, C. M. Kornbluth, Cyril Judd)Shadow on the ScreenFiction
1951Jean CoulthardSymphony No. 1Musical Scores & Recordings
1951Simone BussieresL'HeritierFiction
1951Alice LoomisRide Out SingingAutobiography
1951Audrey McKimHere Comes DirkChildren's & Young Adult
1951Lyn CookThe Little Magic FiddlerChildren's & Young Adult
1951Elizabeth Winifred BrewsterEast CoastPoetry
1951Josephine PhelanThe Ardent Exile: The Life and Times of D’Arcy McGeeAcademic
1951Jean CoulthardVariations on B-A-C-HMusical Scores & Recordings
1951Catherine Anthony ClarkThe Sun HorseChildren's & Young Adult
1951Katherine Mary FlanniganThe Faith of Mrs. KelleenAcademic
1951Kristine KristoffersonTanyaFiction
1951Mazo de la RocheRenny's DaughterFiction
1951Violet ArcherFantasy in the Form of a PassacagliaMusical Scores & Recordings
1951Louise RileyOne Happy MomentFiction
1951Judith Grossman (Judith Merril, C. M. Kornbluth, Cyril Judd)Gunner Cade (Collab. C. M. Kornbluth)Fiction
1951Kay SmithFootnote to the Lord’s Prayer, and Other PoemsPoetry
1951Margaret AvisonHistory of OntarioAcademic
1951Jean CoulthardNight Wind (text Le Pan)Musical Scores & Recordings
1951Anne WilkinsonCounterpoint to SleepPoetry
1952Marie McPhedranCargoes on the Great LakesChildren's & Young Adult
1952Violet Archer'The Twenty-Third Psalm'Musical Scores & Recordings
1952Marie Le FrancLe Fils de la forêtFiction
1952Mazo de la RocheA Boy in the House, and Other StoriesFiction
1952Jean CoulthardDuo Sonata for Violin and Piano (Sonata No. 1)Musical Scores & Recordings
1952Anne M. MacMillanPrince of the PlainsChildren's & Young Adult
1952Andrée MailletProfil de l'orignalFiction
1952Jay MacphersonNineteen PoemsPoetry
1952Margaret MillarRose's Last SummerFiction
1952Grace ButtWheel in the Middle of a WheelDrama
1952Ethel WilsonThe Equations of LoveFiction
1952Margaret MillarVanish in an InstantFiction
1952Dorothy LivesayThe LakePoetry
1952Grace IrwinLeast of all SaintsFiction
1952Elsie Park GowanBreeches from Bond StreetDrama
1952Violet ArcherTheme and Variations on Là-HautMusical Scores & Recordings
1953Anne HébertLe Tombeau des Rois / The Tomb of the Kings (Trans. Peter Miller 1967)Poetry
1953Violet ArcherTen Folk Songs for Four HandsMusical Scores & Recordings
1953Jean CoulthardA Prayer for ElizabethMusical Scores & Recordings
1953Marjorie Wilkins CampbellOntarioAcademic
1953Grace MacLennan CampbellTorbegFiction
1953Violet Archer2 String TriosMusical Scores & Recordings
1953Audrey McKimLexy O'ConnorChildren's & Young Adult
1953Lyn CookRebel on the TrailChildren's & Young Adult
1953Mazo de la RocheWhiteoak BrothersFiction
1953Jean CoulthardRider on the SandsMusical Scores & Recordings
1953Evelyn RichardsonDesired HavenFiction
1953Helen Evans ReidAll Silent, All Damned: The Search for Isaac BarrBiography
1953Edna JaquesThe Golden RoadPoetry
1953Emily CarrPause: A Sketch Book (Ed. Ira Dilworth)Memoir
1953Cecilia WettonThe Promised Land: The Story of the Barr ColonistsAcademic
1953Madge MacbethOver My ShoulderAutobiography
1953Emily CarrThe Heart of a Peacock (Ed. Ira Dilworth)Memoir
1953Violet Archer'Proud Horses' (text Sampley)Musical Scores & Recordings
1953Ethel C. TibbetsOn to the SunsetBiography
1953Pearleen OliverA Brief History of the Colored Baptists of Nova Scotia, 1782-1953. In Commemoration of Centennial Celebrations of the African United Baptist Association of Nova ScotiaAcademic
1953Hilda NeatbySo Little for the MindAcademic
1953Violet ArcherThree French Canadian Folk SongsMusical Scores & Recordings
1953Vicky MetcalfUnwanted LegacyChildren's & Young Adult
1953Rosalie Kingsmill FryTwo Little PigsChildren's & Young Adult
1954Eleanor CameronThe Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom PlanetChildren's & Young Adult
1954Wanda TolboomTosie of the Far NorthChildren's & Young Adult
1954Phyllis WebbTrio (Collab. Gael Turnbull and Eli Madel)Poetry
1954Jean Coulthard'Sea Gulls' (text Pratt)Musical Scores & Recordings
1954Olive KnoxLittle Giant (Miss-top-ashish): the story of Henry KelseyFiction
1954Marjorie Wilkins CampbellThe Nor’westers: The Fight for the Fur TradeChildren's & Young Adult
1954Evelyn EatonFlightFiction
1954Louise RileyTrain for Tiger LilyChildren's & Young Adult
1954Elizabeth Winifred BrewsterLillooetPoetry
1954Josephine PhelanThe Boy Who Ran AwayAcademic
1954Adrienne ChoquetteLa Nuit ne dort pas (Revised 1979 in an enlarged edition including "Sortilege" and "Le Rendez-vous")Fiction
1954Anne HébertLes Indes parmi nousScreenwriting
1954Gabrielle RoyAlexandre Chenevert / The Cashier (Trans. 1955)Fiction
1954Jay MacphersonO Earth ReturnPoetry
1954Jean CoulthardFour Piano PiecesMusical Scores & Recordings
1954Ethel WilsonSwamp AngelFiction
1954P. K. PageThe Metal and the FlowerPoetry
1954Jean CoulthardThrenody: String Quartet No. 2 (Revised 1969)Musical Scores & Recordings
1954Grace IrwinAndrew ConningtonFiction
1954Margaret MillarWives and LoversFiction
1954Edith Margaret FowkeFolk Songs of Canada (Collab. Richard Johnston)Academic
1954E. Mayne Hull (Edna Mayne Hull)Planets for Sale (Collab. A.E. van Vogt)Fiction
1954Vera Lesik (Vera Lysenko, Luba Novak)Yellow BootsFiction
1954Mazo de la RocheVariable Winds at JalnaFiction
1954Violet ArcherTrio No. 1Musical Scores & Recordings
1954Jean Coulthard7 junior choral piecesMusical Scores & Recordings
1954Laura SalversonImmortal Rock: The Saga of the Kensington StoneFiction
1954Bessie Jane BanfillLabrador NurseFiction
1954Jean CoulthardTwelve PreludesMusical Scores & Recordings
1954Violet ArcherPrelude and AllegroMusical Scores & Recordings
1954Olive KnoxBlack FalconFiction
1955Anne WilkinsonThe Hangman Ties the HollyPoetry
1955Violet ArcherChristmas (text A. Bass)Musical Scores & Recordings
1955Rosalie Kingsmill FryDeep In The ForestChildren's & Young Adult
1955Violet ArcherRondoMusical Scores & Recordings
1955Constance Beresford-HoweMy Lady GreensleevesFiction
1955Wanda TolboomShining BirdChildren's & Young Adult
1955Mazo de la RocheThe Song of LambertChildren's & Young Adult
1955Violet ArcherThe Master Admirabilis Chapel (text A. Bass)Musical Scores & Recordings
1955Gabrielle RoyRue Deschambault / Street of Riches (Trans. 1957)Fiction
1955Violet ArcherThree Duets for Two ViolinsMusical Scores & Recordings
1955Violet ArcherTwo Songs for Women's Voices (text A. Bass)Musical Scores & Recordings
1955Lyn CookJady and the GeneralChildren's & Young Adult
1955Cecilia WettonHistoric Battleford through the years, 1875-1955Academic
1955Evelyn EatonThe Small HourPoetry
1955Catherine Anthony ClarkThe One-Winged DragonChildren's & Young Adult
1955Miriam WaddingtonThe Second SilencePoetry
1955Patricia JoudryTeach Me How To CryDrama
1955Mary HiemstraGully FarmAutobiography
1955Dorothy LivesayNew PoemsPoetry
1955Margaret MillarBeast in ViewFiction
1955Barbara SmuckerHenry's Red SeaChildren's & Young Adult
1956Phyllis WebbEven Your Right EyePoetry
1956Violet ArcherSonata for Cello and PianoMusical Scores & Recordings
1956Anne WilkinsonLions in the Way: A Discursive History of the OslersAcademic
1956Eleanor CameronStowaway to the Mushroom PlanetChildren's & Young Adult
1956Violet ArcherConcerto No. 1 for Piano and OrchestraMusical Scores & Recordings
1956Violet ArcherSonata No. 1Musical Scores & Recordings
1956Adele WisemanThe SacrificeFiction
1956Olive KnoxMrs. MinisterAutobiography
1956Jehane BenoîtAn Adventure in RiceJournalistic & Lifestyle
1956Molly Costain HaycraftQueen VictoriaFiction
1956Rina LasnierPrésence de l'absencePoetry
1956Josephine PhelanThe Bold Heart: The Story of Father LacombeAcademic
1956Gladys TaylorPine RootsFiction
1956Lyn HarringtonStormy SummerChildren's & Young Adult
1956Jean CoulthardSonatina 'Seascapes'Musical Scores & Recordings
1956Ethel WilsonLove and Salt WaterFiction
1956Wanda TolboomArctic BrideFiction
1956Wanda TolboomLittle Eskimo HunterChildren's & Young Adult
1956Lyn HarringtonOotook, Eskimo GirlChildren's & Young Adult
1956Jean CoulthardThe Return of the Native (Collab. Coulthard and Edna Baxter; adap. Thomas Hardy; opera)Musical Scores & Recordings
1956Vera Lesik (Vera Lysenko, Luba Novak)Westerly WildFiction
1956Mavis GallantThe Other ParisFiction
1956Beverley SimonsTwisted RootsDrama
1957Margaret HutchisonTamaracFiction
1957Dorothy LivesaySelected Poems 1926-56Poetry
1957Margaret MillarAn Air that KillsFiction
1957Barbara SmuckerCherokee RunChildren's & Young Adult
1957Dorothy RobertsDazzlePoetry
1957Nan ShipleyFrances and the CreesFiction
1957Paule DaveluyLes GuinoisFiction
1957Germaine GuèvremontAu chenal du moine (TV series)Screenwriting
1957Violet ArcherMinute Music for Small HandsMusical Scores & Recordings
1957Christie HarrisCariboo TrailChildren's & Young Adult
1957Paule DaveluyCherie MartinFiction
1957Jean Coulthard'More Lovely Grows the Earth' (text Helena Coleman)Musical Scores & Recordings
1957Madge MacbethBoulevard CareerAutobiography
1957Mazo de la RocheRinging the Changes: An AutobiographyAutobiography
1957Violet ArcherTrio No. 2Musical Scores & Recordings
1957Elizabeth Winifred BrewsterRoads, and Other PoemsPoetry
1957Evelyn RichardsonNo Small TempestFiction
1957Jay MacphersonThe BoatmanPoetry
1957Violet ArcherDivertimento No. 2Musical Scores & Recordings
1957Lyn CookPegeen and the PilgrimChildren's & Young Adult
1957Jean CoulthardPiano Quartet Sketches from a Mediaeval TownMusical Scores & Recordings
1957Violet ArcherDivertimentoMusical Scores & Recordings
1958Germaine GuèvremontMarie-Didace (TV series)Screenwriting
1958Olive KnoxJohn Black of Old KildonanFiction
1958Violet ArcherApocalypse 'Revelations.'Musical Scores & Recordings
1958Anne HébertLes chambres de bois / The Silent Rooms (Trans. Kathy Mezei 1974)Fiction
1958Violet ArcherTwo Songs for Soprano Voice and B-flat Clarinet (Collab. Blake; revised 1987 for mezzo soprano)Musical Scores & Recordings
1958Heather SpearsAsylum Poems and OthersPoetry
1958Joyce HemlowThe History of Fanny BurneyBiography
1958Molly Costain HaycraftFirst Lady of the TheatreFiction
1958Eleanor CameronMr Bass' PlanetoidChildren's & Young Adult
1958Chava RosenfarbDer Foygl fun Gheto: Tragedye in Drey AktnDrama
1958Marjorie LewtyNever Call It LovingFiction
1958Gladys TaylorThe King TreeFiction
1958Antonine MailletPointe-aux-CoquesFiction
1958Edith L. SharpNkwalaChildren's & Young Adult
1958Eleanor CameronA Mystery for Mr BassChildren's & Young Adult
1958Monique CorriveauLe secret de VanilleChildren's & Young Adult
1958Michèle LalondeSonge de la fiancée détruitePoetry
1958Jean Coulthard'Soft Fall the February Snows' (text W. Campbell)Musical Scores & Recordings
1958Claire Montreuil!(Claire Martin)Avec ou sans amour / Love me, Love Me Not (Trans. 1987)Fiction
1958Mazo de la RocheBill and CooChildren's & Young Adult
1958Martha OstensoA Man Had Tall SonsFiction
1958Jean CoulthardThe Devil's Fanfare (ballet)Musical Scores & Recordings
1958Paule DaveluyL'Ete enchante / Summer in Ville-Marie (Trans. 1962)Children's & Young Adult
1958Rona MurrayBlue Duck's Feather and Eagle Down: A One-Act Verse PlayDrama
1958Catherine Anthony ClarkThe Silver ManChildren's & Young Adult
1958Jean CoulthardFour Bizarre Dances (Adapt. ballet "The Devil's Fanfare")Musical Scores & Recordings
1958Mazo de la RocheCentenary at JalnaFiction
1958Élaine AudetSoleil noir: poèmesPoetry
1958Miriam WaddingtonThe Season’s LoversPoetry
1958Jean CoulthardSpring Rhapsody (text various)Musical Scores & Recordings
1959Lyn HarringtonReal Book about CanadaChildren's & Young Adult
1959Molly Costain HaycraftToo Near the Throne: A Novel Based on the Life of Lady Arbella StuartFiction
1959Mavis GallantGreen Water, Green SkyFiction
1959Margaret MillarThe Listening WallsFiction
1959Dorothy RobertsIn Star and StalkPoetry
1959Nan ShipleyThe Scarlet LilyFiction
1959Rina LasnierLa Grande dame des pauvresBiography
1959Violet ArcherViolin ConcertoMusical Scores & Recordings
1959Norma SlumanBlackfoot CrossingFiction
1959Evelyn EatonI Saw My Mortal SightFiction
1959Audrey McKimAndy and the GopherChildren's & Young Adult
1959Anne HébertLa Canne a pecheScreenwriting
1959Marjorie LewtyThe Million StarsFiction
1959Gwen Pharis RingwoodYounger BrotherFiction
1959Sheila WatsonThe Double HookFiction
1959Suzanne ParadisLes Enfants continuelsPoetry
1959Michèle LalondeGeolesPoetry
1959Sheilagh JamesonThe Wyndham familyBiography
1959Marjorie LewtyImperfect SecretaryFiction
1959Jay MacphersonA Dry Light & The Dark AirPoetry
1959Marie-Claire BlaisLa Belle Bête / Mad Shadows (Trans. 1960)Fiction
1959Marie Le FrancEnfance marineBiography
1959Phyllis Brett YoungPsycheFiction
1959Grace IrwinIn Little PlaceFiction
1959Eleanor CameronThe Terrible ChurnadryneChildren's & Young Adult
1961Jean CoulthardSerenade or a Meditation and Three DancesMusical Scores & Recordings
1962Violet ArcherIntroit and Choral Prayer (liturgical, text G. R. Campbell)Musical Scores & Recordings
1956Patricia JoudryThree Rings for Michelle (Prod. 1956)Drama
1957Beverley SimonsThe Birth (Prod. 1957)Drama
1957Michèle LalondeAnkrania ou celui qui crie (Prod. 1957)Drama
1957Antonine MailletEntr'acte (Prod. 1957)Drama
1958Antonine MailletPoire-Acre (Prod. 1958)Drama
1959Antonine MailletBulles de Savon (Prod. 1959)Drama
1960Grace ButtThe mayor's wifeDrama
1960Viviane JulienVisage de fièvreFiction
1960Margaret LaurenceThis Side JordanFiction
1960Patricia JoudryThe Song of Louise in the MorningDrama
1960Jean CoulthardTwo Duets (text Herrick)Musical Scores & Recordings
1960Phyllis Brett YoungThe TorontoniansFiction
1960Margaret AvisonWinter SunPoetry
1960Marie-Claire BlaisLe jour est noir / The Day Is Dark (Trans. 1967)Fiction
1960Jean CoulthardThe Bird of Dawning Singeth All Night LongMusical Scores & Recordings
1960Jean CoulthardTwo Night Songs (text Munro, Belloc)Musical Scores & Recordings
1960Evelyn RichardsonMy Other IslandsMemoir
1960Gwen Pharis RingwoodLament for HarmonicaDrama
1960Rina LasnierMémoire sans joursPoetry
1960Suzanne ParadisLes Hauts crisFiction
1960Judith Grossman (Judith Merril, C. M. Kornbluth, Cyril Judd)The Tomorrow PeopleFiction
1960Margaret AvisonA Doctor’s Memoirs (Collab. A.I. Wolinsky)Memoir
1960Louise RileyA Spell at Scoggin's CrossingChildren's & Young Adult
1960Margaret MillarA Stranger in My GraveFiction
1960Marie-Claire BlaisTête blancheFiction
1960Rina LasnierMiroirsAutobiography
1960Clara HofferLand of Hope (Collab. F.H. Kahan)Biography
1960Claire Montreuil!(Claire Martin)Doux-amer / Best Man (Trans. 1983)Fiction
1960Mazo de la RocheMorning at JalnaFiction
1960Patricia BlondalA Candle to Light the SunFiction
1960Cécile CloutierMains de sablePoetry
1960Judith Grossman (Judith Merril, C. M. Kornbluth, Cyril Judd)Out of BoundsFiction
1960Anne WilkinsonSwann and DaphneChildren's & Young Adult
1960Suzanne ParadisÀ temps, le bonheur...Poetry
1960Anne HébertSaint-Denys GarneauScreenwriting
1960Violet ArcherEleven Short PiecesMusical Scores & Recordings
1960Anne HébertPoèmesPoetry
1961Marjorie LewtyThe Lucky OneFiction
1961Sheila BurnfordThe Incredible JourneyChildren's & Young Adult
1961Nan ShipleyWhistle on the WindFiction
1961Edith Margaret FowkeSongs of Work and Freedom (Collab. Joe Glazer)Academic
1961Ethel WilsonMrs. Golightly and Other StoriesFiction
1961Monique BoscoUn Amour maladroitFiction
1961Dorothy RobertsTwice to FlamePoetry
1961Margaret AtwoodDouble PersephonePoetry
1961Rohan O'Grady (June Skinner)O’Houlihan’s JestFiction
1961Jean CoulthardAegean SketchesMusical Scores & Recordings
1961Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Bloody InstructionsFiction
1961Gwendolyn MacEwenThe Drunken ClockPoetry
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1961Adrienne ChoquetteLaure ClouetFiction
1961Phyllis WebbIn a Garden of the Pitti Palace; A Pang Cantata: 2 New PoemsPoetry
1961Jean CoulthardFantasyMusical Scores & Recordings
1961Suzanne ParadisIl ne faut pas sauver les hommesFiction
1961Cécile GagnonLa pêche à l'horizonChildren's & Young Adult
1961Gwendolyn MacEwenSelahPoetry
1961Grace IrwinServant of Slaves: A Biographical Novel of John NewtonFiction
1961Suzanne ParadisLa chasse aux autresPoetry
1961Lyn CookThe Road to Kip's CoveChildren's & Young Adult
1961Jane JacobsThe Death and Life of Great American CitiesAcademic
1961Audrey McKimThorny's HidewayChildren's & Young Adult
1961Simone BussieresJoies de lire (Ed.)Anthology
1961Louise Simone BennettLaugh with Louise: A Pot-Pourri of Jamaican Folklore, Stories, Songs and VersesPoetry
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1961Violet ArcherThree SketchesMusical Scores & Recordings
1961Diane GiguereLe Temps des jeux / Innocence (Trans. 1962)Fiction
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1961Simone BussieresJoies de lire (Ed.)Children's & Young Adult
1961Eleanor CameronThe Mysterious Christmas ShellChildren's & Young Adult
1962Catherine Anthony ClarkThe Diamond Feather, or, The Door in the Mountain: A Magic Tale for ChildrenChildren's & Young Adult
1962Marie-Claire BlaisLe jour est noir et Les Voyageurs sacrés / The Day is Dark - and, Three Travellers: two novellas (Trans. Derek Coltman 1967)Fiction
1962Sheilagh JamesonMalcolm McCrimmon: pioneer railroad contractorBiography
1962Ruth LomonFive Songs After Poems by William BlakeMusical Scores & Recordings
1962Jean CoulthardSix Mediaeval Love Songs (Trans. H. Waddell; text Latin)Musical Scores & Recordings
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1962Molly Costain HaycraftThe Reluctant QueenFiction
1962Marjorie LewtyThis Must Be for EverFiction
1962Rosalie Kingsmill FryThe Echo SongChildren's & Young Adult
1962Jean CoulthardSonata RhapsodyMusical Scores & Recordings
1962Jean LittleMine For KeepsChildren's & Young Adult
1962Grace MacLennan CampbellHighland HeritageAcademic
1962Simone BussieresLes Fables des trois commeresChildren's & Young Adult
1962Claire Montreuil!(Claire Martin)Quand j'aurai paye ton visage / The Legacy (Trans. 1986)Fiction
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1962Marjorie Wilkins CampbellMcGillivrayAcademic
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1962Eleanor CameronThe Green and Burning Tree: On the Writing and Enjoyment of Children's BooksAcademic
1962Rohan O'Grady (June Skinner)Pippin’s Journal, Or, Rosemary Is for RemembranceFiction
1962Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Malice DomesticFiction
1962Andrée MailletLes MontréalaisFiction
1962Paule DaveluyDrole d'AutomneChildren's & Young Adult
1962Phyllis WebbThe Sea is also a GardenPoetry
1962Margaret MillarHow Like an AngelFiction
1962Paule DaveluySylvette et les adultesChildren's & Young Adult
1962Suzanne ParadisLa MalebêtePoetry
1962Simone BussieresLe Plaisir d'apprendre (textbook)Children's & Young Adult
1963Eleanor CameronThe Beast With the Magical HornChildren's & Young Adult
1963Violet ArcherFour Little Studies for PianoMusical Scores & Recordings
1963Catherine Anthony ClarkThe Man with the Yellow EyesChildren's & Young Adult
1963Rina LasnierLes GisantsPoetry
1963Edith L. SharpThe Little People of Crazy MountainDrama
1963Margaret LaurenceThe Tomorrow-tamerFiction
1963Violet ArcherTheme and Variations for PianoMusical Scores & Recordings
1963Dorothy ReidTales of NanabozhoChildren's & Young Adult
1963Andrée MailletLe Lendemain n'est pas sans amourFiction
1963Kay HillGlooscap and His Magic: Legends of the Wabanaki IndiansChildren's & Young Adult
1963Gwendolyn MacEwenJulian the MagicianFiction
1963Rosalie Kingsmill FryRiddle Of The FigureheadChildren's & Young Adult
1963Marcelle DesjardinsMon coeur chargé à blancPoetry
1963Rohan O'Grady (June Skinner)Let’s Kill UncleFiction
1963Violet ArcherThree MiniaturesMusical Scores & Recordings
1963Christie HarrisOnce Upon a Totem PoleChildren's & Young Adult
1963Louise Maheux-ForcierAmadouFiction
1963Violet ArcherDivertimento for Brass QuintetMusical Scores & Recordings
1963Marjorie Wilkins CampbellThe Fur TradeAcademic
1963Jean CoulthardConcerto for Piano and OrchestraMusical Scores & Recordings
1963Simone BussieresJeveux lire: Methode de lecture spontanee (textbook, with supplement "Je compose mon dictionnaire" 1965)Children's & Young Adult
1963Joan FinniganThrough the Glass, DarklyPoetry
1963Lorrie McLaughlinWest to the CaribooChildren's & Young Adult
1963Nan ShipleyReturn to the RiverFiction
1963Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Error of the MoonFiction
1963Violet ArcherIntroduction, Dance and FinaleMusical Scores & Recordings
1963Gwendolyn MacEwenThe Rising FirePoetry
1963Irene M. SpryThe Palliser Expedition: An Account of John Palliser's British North American Expedition, 1857-1860Academic
1963Lyn CookSamantha's Secret RoomChildren's & Young Adult
1963Patricia BlondalFrom Heaven with a ShoutFiction
1963Marion MacRaeThe Ancestral Roof: Domestic Architecture of Upper Canada (Collab. Anthony Adamson)Academic
1963Jean Coulthard'Auguries of Innocence' (text Blake)Musical Scores & Recordings
1963Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)The Taste of Fears, or, The Third EncounterFiction
1963Margaret LaurenceThe Prophet's Camel BellMemoir
1964Andrée MailletLe Chêne des tempêtes / Storm Oak (Trans. F.C.L. Muller 1972)Children's & Young Adult
1964Andrée MailletLe Paradigme de l'idole: essai-poème de phénoménologieAcademic
1964Ethel Kirk GraysonUnbind the SheavesAutobiography
1964Phyllis GotliebSunburstFiction
1964Violet ArcherPrelude-IncantationMusical Scores & Recordings
1964Paule DaveluySylvette sous la tente bleueChildren's & Young Adult
1964Margaret AvisonThe Research CompendiumAcademic
1964Violet ArcherSing, The Muse (text Shakespeare, Marston, Drummond, Raleigh)Musical Scores & Recordings
1964Jean CoulthardEndymionMusical Scores & Recordings
1964Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)The Little MeasureFiction
1964Andrée MailletLes Remparts de QuébecFiction
1964Jehane BenoîtEncyclopedia of Canadian Cuisine / L'encyclopédie de la cuisine canadienneJournalistic & Lifestyle
1964Suzanne MartelSurréal 3000/The City Under GroundChildren's & Young Adult
1964Ruth LomonDialogueMusical Scores & Recordings
1964Audrey McKimThat Summer with LexyChildren's & Young Adult
1964Phyllis Brett YoungUndineFiction
1964Molly Costain HaycraftThe Lady RoyalFiction
1964Eleanor CameronA Spell is CastChildren's & Young Adult
1964Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Trusted Like the FoxFiction
1964Mavis GallantMy Heart is BrokenFiction
1964Phyllis GrosskurthJohn Addington Symonds: A Biography, or, The Woeful VictorianBiography
1964Jean CoulthardSonata II (A Correspondence)Musical Scores & Recordings
1964Andrée MailletÉlémentaires (1954-1964)Poetry
1964Maryanne CaswellPioneer Girl: A Young Girl's Letter Describing Homestead Life in Saskatchewan, 1887-1888Autobiography
1964Margaret AtwoodThe Circle Game (Revised 1966)Poetry
1964Audrey McKimGod Is Always with UsChildren's & Young Adult
1964Gale Zoë GarnettMy Kind of Folk Songs Singer-Songwriters
1964Adele WisemanOld Markets, New World (Collab. Joe Rosenthal)Journalistic & Lifestyle
1964Cécile CloutierCuivre et soiesPoetry
1964Anne Claire PoirierLa fin des étés (Collab. Hubert Aquin)Screenwriting
1964Jean CoulthardNoon SiestaMusical Scores & Recordings
1964Nicole GagnonLa famille ouvrière urbaineAcademic
1964Phyllis GotliebWithin the ZodiacPoetry
1964June CallwoodLove, Hate, Fear, Anger, and Other Lively Emotions (Revised 1987 as Emotions)Journalistic & Lifestyle
1964Michèle MailhotDis-moi que je visFiction
1964Louky Bersianik (Lucile Durand)Le Cordonnier Pamphile mille-pattes Children's & Young Adult
1964Jean Coulthard'The Signature of God' (text John Hall)Musical Scores & Recordings
1964Christie HarrisYou Have to Draw the Line SomewhereChildren's & Young Adult
1964Jane Vance RuleThe Desert of the HeartFiction
1964Kay HillThree to Get MarriedDrama
1964Suzanne ParadisPour les enfants des mortsPoetry
1964Charlotte MacLeod (Alisa Craig)Mystery of the White KnightFiction
1964Marjorie Wilkins CampbellNo Compromise: the Story of Colonel Baker and the CNIBAcademic
1964Louise Maheux-ForcierL'Ile Joyeuse / Isle of Joy (Trans. 1987)Fiction
1964Sheila BurnfordThe Fields of NoonAutobiography
1964Margaret LaurenceThe Stone AngelFiction
1964Louky Bersianik (Lucile Durand)Koumic, le petit esquimauChildren's & Young Adult
1964Monique CorriveauLe wapitiChildren's & Young Adult
1964Margaret MillarThe FiendFiction
1964Buffy Saint-MarieIt's My Way!Singer-Songwriters
1965Charlotte MacLeod (Alisa Craig)Next Door to DangerFiction
1965Gale Zoë GarnettVariety Is the Spice of Gale Garnett Singer-Songwriters
1965Lyn CookThe Brownie Handbook for CanadaChildren's & Young Adult
1965Simone BussieresLe Plaisir de connaitre (textbook)Children's & Young Adult
1965Louky Bersianik (Lucile Durand)Togo, apprenti-remorqueurChildren's & Young Adult
1965Rona MurrayThe Enchanted AdderPoetry
1965Marguerite AndersenClaudel et l'AllemagneAcademic
1965Françoise LorangerUne maison, un jourDrama
1965Florence McNeilA Silent Green SkyPoetry
1965Buffy Saint-MarieMany a MileSinger-Songwriters
1965Paule DaveluyCinq Files CompliquesFiction
1965Claire Montreuil!(Claire Martin)Dans un gant de fer / In an Iron Glove (Trans. 1968 with La Joue droite; trans. 1975 as an independent volume titled In an Iron Glove: An Autobiography)Autobiography
1965Marjorie LewtyAlex Rayner, Dental NurseFiction
1965Monique BoscoLes InfusoiresFiction
1965Violet ArcherSonata No. 1Musical Scores & Recordings
1965Jean LittleHome From FarChildren's & Young Adult
1965Margaret AtwoodExpeditionsPoetry
1965Lorrie McLaughlinA Canadian Market List for WritersJournalistic & Lifestyle
1965Simone BussieresJe sais lire: Methode de lecture spontanee (textbook, with supplement "Je compose mon dictionnaire")Children's & Young Adult
1965Evelyn EatonThe King is a WitchFiction
1965Gwen Pharis RingwoodThe Sleeping Beauty (drama)Children's & Young Adult
1965Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Let's Choose ExecutorsFiction
1965Louky Bersianik (Lucile Durand)La Montagne et l'escargotChildren's & Young Adult
1965Evelyn RichardsonLiving islandAcademic
1965Nan ShipleyThe Railway BuildersChildren's & Young Adult
1965Kay HillBadger, the Mischief MakerChildren's & Young Adult
1965Nicole BrossardAube a la saison/Dawning Season (in Trois by L’Association générale des étudiants de l’Université de Montréal)Poetry
1965Jean CoulthardBallade of the NorthMusical Scores & Recordings
1965Gale Zoë GarnettLovin' PlaceSinger-Songwriters
1965Marcelle DesjardinsSomme de sains poèmes t'aquinsPoetry
1965Margaret AtwoodTalismans for ChildrenPoetry
1965Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Though I Know She LiesFiction
1965Marie-Claire BlaisUne Saison dans la vie d’Emmanuel / A Season in the Life of Emmanuel (Trans. 1966)Fiction
1965Diane GiguereL'Eau est profonde (Revised 1977) / Whirlpool (Trans. 1966)Fiction
1965Gale Zoë GarnettThe Many Faces of Gale GarnettSinger-Songwriters
1965Phyllis WebbNaked PoemsPoetry
1965Margaret AtwoodKaleidoscopes Baroque: A PoemPoetry
1965Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)The Windy Side of the LawFiction
1965Joan FinniganA Dream of LiliesPoetry
1965Christie HarrisWest with the White ChiefsChildren's & Young Adult
1966Gwendolyn MacEwenA Breakfast for BarbariansPoetry
1966Gabrielle RoyLa route d’Altamont / The Road Past AltamontFiction
1966Rina LasnierL'Arbre blancPoetry
1966Suzanne ParadisLe Visage offenséPoetry
1966Claire Montreuil!(Claire Martin)La Joue droite / In an Iron Glove (Trans. 1966 with Dan un gant de fer; trans. 1975 as an independent volume titled The Right Cheek: An Autobiography)Autobiography
1966Isabel LeBourdaisThe Trial of Steven TruscottJournalistic & Lifestyle
1966Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Enter Certain MurderersFiction
1966Suzanne ParadisFemme fictive, femme réelle: le personnage féminin dans le roman féminin canadien-françaisAcademic
1966Christie HarrisThe Raven’s CryChildren's & Young Adult
1966Emily CarrHundreds and Thousands: The Journals of Emily Carr (Ed. Phyllis Inglis)Memoir
1966Gale Zoë GarnettNew AdventuresSinger-Songwriters
1966Hilda NeatbyQuebec, The Revolutionary Age 1760-1791Academic
1966Margaret AtwoodSpeeches For Doctor Frankenstein (Collab. Charles Pachter)Poetry
1966Élaine AudetPierre-feu: poèmesPoetry
1966Cécile GagnonMartine-aux-oiseauxChildren's & Young Adult
1966Simone BussieresJ'aime lire: Methode de lecture spontanee (textbook, with supplement "Je compose mon dictionnaire")Children's & Young Adult
1966Buffy Saint-MarieLittle Wheel Spin and SpinSinger-Songwriters
1966Louise Simone BennettJamaica Labrish: Jamaica Dialect PoemsPoetry
1966Bessie Jane BanfillWith the Indians in the PacificFiction
1966Betty Jane WylieThe Clear SpiritBiography
1966Miriam WaddingtonThe Glass TrumpetPoetry
1966Margaret AvisonThe DumbfoundingPoetry
1966Catherine Anthony ClarkThe Hunter and the Medicine ManChildren's & Young Adult
1966Nan ShipleyThe James Evan StoryBiography
1966Lyn CookThe Secret of Willow CastleChildren's & Young Adult
1966Margaret LaurenceA Jest of GodFiction
1966Dorothy FarmiloeThe Lost IslandPoetry
1966E. Mayne Hull (Edna Mayne Hull)The Winged Man (Collab. A. E. van Vogt)Fiction
1966Violet ArcherCantata sacraMusical Scores & Recordings
1966Dorothy LivesayArchive for Our Times: The Previously Uncollected and Unpublished Poems of Dorothy LivesayPoetry
1966Madeleine FerronLa Fin des loups-garousFiction
1966Jean LittleSpring Begins in MarchChildren's & Young Adult
1966Jean CoulthardChoral Symphony 'This Land' (Symphony No. 2)Musical Scores & Recordings
1966Audrey McKimStories for Canada's BirthdayChildren's & Young Adult
1966Flora KiddVisit to RowanbankFiction
1966Madeleine FerronCoeur de sucreFiction
1966Barbara SmuckerWigwam in the City, or, SusanChildren's & Young Adult
1966Edna JaquesThe Best of Edna JaquesPoetry
1966Andrée MailletNouvelles montréalaisesFiction
1966Flora KiddJinx RanchFiction
1966Lorrie McLaughlinThe Trouble with JamieChildren's & Young Adult
1966Nicole BrossardMordre en sa chair / Bite the FleshPoetry
1966Marie-Claire BlaisL'Insoumise / The FugitiveFiction
1967Marjorie Wilkins CampbellThe Savage River: Seventy-One Days with Simon FraserChildren's & Young Adult
1967Heather SpearsThe Danish PortraitsPoetry
1967Michèle MailhotLe PortiqueFiction
1967Flora KiddLove Alters NotFiction
1967Bessie Jane BanfillPioneer NurseFiction
1967Alma NormanBallads of JamaicaPoetry
1967Janet LunnThe County (Collab. Richard Lunn)Academic
1967Lorrie McLaughlinThe Cinnamon Hill MysteryChildren's & Young Adult
1967Audrey Grace ThomasTen Green BottlesFiction
1967Aviva RavelShoulder Pads (drama)Children's & Young Adult
1967P. K. PageCry AraratPoetry
1967Marjorie Wilkins CampbellPush to the PacificAcademic
1967Marie Le FrancLettres à Louis DantinConversations & Correspondence
1967Nan ShipleyAnna and the IndiansBiography
1967Andrée MailletLe Chant de l'iroquoisePoetry
1967Flora KiddWhistle and I'll ComeFiction
1967Norma SlumanPoundmakerFiction
1967Charlotte Bronte PerryThe Long Road: The History of the Coloured Canadian in Windsor, Ontario, 1867-1967Academic
1967Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)And Shame the DevilFiction
1967Violet ArcherCentennial Springtime (text J. Alexander)Musical Scores & Recordings
1967Suzanne ParadisFrançois-les-oiseauxFiction
1967Joy KogawaThe Splintered MoonPoetry
1967Christie HarrisConfessions of a Toe HangerChildren's & Young Adult
1967Gale Zoë GarnettFlying and Rainbows and Love Singer-Songwriters
1967Paule DaveluyCet hiver-laChildren's & Young Adult
1967Flora KiddNurse at RowanbankFiction
1967Phyllis GrosskurthNotes on Browning's Works (Coles Notes 550)Academic
1967Dorothy RobertsExtendedPoetry
1967Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)The Case Is AlteredFiction
1967Violet Archer'I Will Lift up Mine Eyes' (text Psalm 121)Musical Scores & Recordings
1967Buffy Saint-MarieFire & Fleet & CandlelightSinger-Songwriters
1967Christina McCallThe Man from Oxbow : The Best of Ralph Allen (Ed.)Conversations & Correspondence
1967Norah StoryOxford Companion to Canadian History and LiteratureAcademic
1967Elisabeth GerrardWe Came to CanadaAutobiography
1967Dorothy Farmiloe21 x 3: PoemsPoetry
1967Dorothy LivesayThe Unquiet BedPoetry
1967Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Knives Have EdgesFiction
1967Violet ArcherSweet Jesu, King of Bliss (text anonymous)Musical Scores & Recordings
1967Anne HébertLe Temps sauvage, La Merciere assassinee, Les Invités au procès: TheatreDrama
1967Marie-Claire BlaisDavid SterneFiction
1967Eleanor CameronTime and Mr BassChildren's & Young Adult
1967Gale Zoë GarnettSausalito Heliport (Collab. The Gentle Reign)Singer-Songwriters
1967Judith Grossman (Judith Merril, C. M. Kornbluth, Cyril Judd)Beyond the Barriers of Space and TimeFiction
1967Audrey McKimAiko and Her Cousin KenichiChildren's & Young Adult
1967Anna Minerva HendersonCitadelPoetry
1967Violet ArcherChorale Improvisation on 'O Worship the King.'Musical Scores & Recordings
1967Violet ArcherHarvest (arr., text J. L. Hetherington)Musical Scores & Recordings
1967Michèle LalondeTerre des hommes. Poeme pour deux recitantsPoetry
1967Françoise LorangerEncore cinq minutesDrama
1967Margaret CravenI Heard the Owl Call My NameFiction
1967Judith Grossman (Judith Merril, C. M. Kornbluth, Cyril Judd)England Swings SF (Edited by Merril; anthology)Fiction
1967Kay HillCobbler: Stick to Thy Last (one-act play)Drama
1968Jean CoulthardLyric TrioMusical Scores & Recordings
1968Madeleine Ouellette-MichalskaLe dômeFiction
1968Jean LittleWhen the Pie Was Opened: PoemsChildren's & Young Adult
1968Antonine MailletLes crasseux (Revised 1974)Drama
1968Phyllis GrosskurthLeslie StephenBiography
1968Violet Archer'O Lord Thou Hast Searched Me and Known Me' (text Psalm 139)Musical Scores & Recordings
1968Jean CoulthardMusic to Saint Cecilia (arr.)Musical Scores & Recordings
1968Margaret AtwoodThe Animals in That CountryPoetry
1968Marie-Claire BlaisL’Exécution / The Execution (Trans. 1976)Drama
1968Anne WilkinsonThe Collected Poems of Anne Wilkinson, and A Prose MemoirPoetry
1968Cécile Cloutieranthologie de poésie québécoise contemporaine (Ed.)Anthology
1968Monique CorriveauCècileChildren's & Young Adult
1968Margaret MillarThe Birds and the Beasts Were ThereAutobiography
1968Janet LunnDouble SpellChildren's & Young Adult
1968Michèle LalondeDe mère en filleScreenwriting
1968Louise DechêneLa Correspondance de vauban relative au canadaAcademic
1968Charlotte MacLeod (Alisa Craig)The Fat Lady's GhostFiction
1968Marian EngelNo Clouds of Glory, or, Sarah Bastard’s NotebookFiction
1968Janice TyrwhittBartlett's Canada: A Pre-Confederation Journey (illustr. William Henry Bartlett)Academic
1968Violet ArcherSinfoniettaMusical Scores & Recordings
1968Violet Archer'O Sing Unto the Lord' (text Psalm 96)Musical Scores & Recordings
1968Suzanne ParadisLes cormoransPoetry
1968Nicole BrossardL’écho bouge beau / The Echo Moves Beautifully (collection title bilingual, poetry remains in French)Poetry
1968Joan FinniganEntrance to the GreenhousePoetry
1968Jay MacphersonThe Boatman and Other PoemsPoetry
1968Cécile Cloutieranthologie de poésie québécoise contemporaine (Ed.)Poetry
1968Lorrie McLaughlinThe Days and Days of Darling SamChildren's & Young Adult
1968Alice MunroDance of the Happy ShadesFiction
1968Sheila McLeod ArnopoulosThe Immigrants' DilemmaAcademic
1968Charlotte MacLeod (Alisa Craig)Mouse's VineyardFiction
1968Grace IrwinContend with HorsesFiction
1968Pat LowtherThis Difficult FloweringPoetry
1968Christie HarrisForbidden FrontierChildren's & Young Adult
1968Adrienne ClarksonA Lover More CondolingFiction
1968Joan FinniganThe Best Damn Fiddler from Calabogie to KaladarScreenwriting
1968Joni MitchellSong To A SeagullSinger-Songwriters
1968Marjorie LewtyDental Nurse At Denley'sFiction
1968Gale Zoë GarnettAn Audience with the King of Wands (Collab. The Gentle Reign)Singer-Songwriters
1968Suzanne ParadisL'oeuvre de pierrePoetry
1968Judith Grossman (Judith Merril, C. M. Kornbluth, Cyril Judd)Daughters of Earth and Other StoriesFiction
1968Flora KiddStrange as a DreamFiction
1968Daphne MarlattFrames of a StoryPoetry
1968Buffy Saint-MarieI'm Gonna Be a Country Girl AgainSinger-Songwriters
1968Violet ArcherImprovisations for PianoMusical Scores & Recordings
1968Evelyn RichardsonBarrington's Old Meeting HouseAcademic
1968Kay HillAnd Tomorrow the Stars: The Story of J. CabotChildren's & Young Adult
1968Edna StaeblerFood That Really Schmecks: Mennonite Country CookingJournalistic & Lifestyle
1968Violet Archer'À la claire fontaine' (arr.)Musical Scores & Recordings
1968Grace ButtThe Great BirdsScreenwriting
1968Jean CoulthardDivertimentoMusical Scores & Recordings
1968Rina Lasnierces visages qui ont un paysPoetry
1968Margaret LaurenceLong Drums and Cannons: Nigerian Dramatists and Novelists 1952-1966Academic
1968Flora KiddWind So GayFiction
1968Jean LittleTake WingChildren's & Young Adult
1968Pat LowtherA Lullaby Not to be Sung: And Other PoemsPoetry
1968Dorothy LivesayThe DocumentariesPoetry
1968Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Past Praying ForFiction
1968Violet ArcherAmens for Church UseMusical Scores & Recordings
1968Jean CoulthardTwo Visionary Songs (text Monro, de la Mare)Musical Scores & Recordings
1968Rona MurrayThe Power of the DogPoetry
1968Irene M. SpryThe Papers of the Palliser Expedition, 1857-1860 (Ed.)Academic
1968Molly Costain HaycraftMy Lord Brother the Lion HeartFiction
1968Joan ClarkGirl of the RockiesChildren's & Young Adult
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1970Betty Jane WylieI See You, I See You (Prod. 1970)Drama
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1974Sharon PollockThe Great Drag Race, or, Smoked, Choked, and Croaked (Prod. 1974)Drama
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1976Gwen Pharis RingwoodThe Magic Carpets of Antonio Angelini (Prod. 1976)Drama
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1981Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)A Very Good Hater (as Mary Challis)Fiction
1981Flora KiddPersonal AffairFiction
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1981Jean CoulthardImage AstraleMusical Scores & Recordings
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1981Miriam WaddingtonFolklore in the Poetry of A.M. KleinAcademic
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1981Pauline CareyPauline Johnson (Prod. 1975)Drama
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1981Valerie FitzgeraldZemindarFiction
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1981Janis ColeP4W Prison for Women (Collab. Holly Dale)Screenwriting
1981Valerie KnowlesLeaving With A Red Rose: A History of the Ottawa Hospital School of NursingAcademic
1981Flora KiddBride for a CaptainFiction
1981Pat KrauseFreshieChildren's & Young Adult
1981Rina LasnierVoir la nuit: proses, volume IIPoetry
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1981Marian EngelLunatic VillasFiction
1981Betty Jane WylieNo Two AlikeConversations & Correspondence
1981Alice HoString Quartet No. 1Musical Scores & Recordings
1981Eileen KernaghanJourney to ApriliothChildren's & Young Adult
1981Charlotte MacLeod (Alisa Craig)Wrack and RuneFiction
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1981Maribeth SolomonTicket to Heaven (Collab. Micky Erbe; film score)Musical Scores & Recordings
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1981Jane Siberry (Issa)Jane SiberrySinger-Songwriters
1981Jane Vance RuleOutlanderFiction
1981Gail ScottSpare PartsFiction
1981Flora KiddMeeting at MidnightFiction
1981Erin MouréThe Whisky VigilPoetry
1981Jillian Dagg (Faye Wildman, Jillian Fayre, Marilyn Brian, Jillian James)Whispers of the HeartFiction
1981Paule DoyonPollu-VilleChildren's & Young Adult
1981Jay MacphersonPoems Twice Told: The Boatman & Welcoming DisasterPoetry
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1981Charlotte Vale-Allen (Katharine Marlowe)Perfect FoolsFiction
1981Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Dearest EnemyFiction
1981Gloria SawaiNeighbour (drama)Children's & Young Adult
1981Jeni CouzynA Time To Be BornPoetry
1981Louise LaHayeTrois petits contesChildren's & Young Adult
1981Violet ArcherSonata for Solo CelloMusical Scores & Recordings
1981Anne CameronEarth WitchPoetry
1981Rona MurrayJourneyPoetry
1981Charlotte MacLeod (Alisa Craig)The Palace GuardFiction
1981Rina LasnierEntendre l'ombre: poèmes, volume IPoetry
1981Madeleine Ouellette-MichalskaL'Echappée des discours de l'oeilAcademic
1981Janet LunnThe Root CellarChildren's & Young Adult
1981Maureen HynesLetters from ChinaConversations & Correspondence
1981Dominique CliftLe déclin du nationalisme au Québec / Quebec Nationalism in Crisis (Trans. Clift 1982)Academic
1981Joan FinniganGiants of Canada's Ottawa ValleyBiography
1981Claire MacKayOne Proud Summer (Collab. Marsha Hewitt)Children's & Young Adult
1981Betty Jane WylieBetty Jane's Diary: Lessons Children Taught MeMemoir
1981M. Travis LaneWalking Under The NebulaePoetry
1981Roo BorsonA Sad DevicePoetry
1981Margaret AtwoodNotes Towards a Poem That Can Never Be WrittenPoetry
1981Adele WisemanThe Consciousness of a Jewish Artist: an Interview with Adele Wiseman (Collab. Roslyn Belkin)Conversations & Correspondence
1981Daphne MarlattHere & TherePoetry
1981Jovette MarchessaultLa saga des poules mouillées / Saga of the Wet Hens (Trans. 1983)Drama
1981Sharon PollockBlood Relations and Other Plays ("Blood Relations" prod. 1980; also includes "One Tiger to a Hill," "Generations" and "My Name is Lisabeth")Drama
1981Jocelyne BeaulieuJ'ai beaucoup changé depuisDrama
1981Gwendolyn MacEwenTrojan Women (Trans. MacEwen and Nikos Tsingos; collects MacEwen's 1979 translation of Euripides' The Trojan Women alongside translations of two poems by Yannis Ritsos)Poetry
1981Agathe GénoisLe Manifeste des Éditions à maisonAcademic
1981Janice CowanMystery of Castle HotelChildren's & Young Adult
1981Mavis GallantHome Truths: Selected Canadian StoriesFiction
1981Alexina LouieAfterimagesMusical Scores & Recordings
1981Carol BoltStar QualityDrama
1981Sandy Frances DuncanThe Toothpaste GenieChildren's & Young Adult
1981Patricia JoudryThe Sand CastleDrama
1981Doris AndersonRough LayoutFiction
1981Lana Hutton Bowen-Judd (Sara Woods, Mary Challis, Anne Burton, Margaret Leek)Worse Than a Crime (as Anne Burton)Fiction
1981Marilú MalletLes Compagnons de l'horloge-pointeuseFiction
1981Paule DoyonLe petit hiverChildren's & Young Adult
1981Joanna GlassTo Grandmother’s House We GoDrama
1981Marie LabergeAvec l'hiver qui sen vientDrama
1981Jill MacLean (Sandra Field, Jan MacLean, Jocelyn Haley)Sight of a StrangerFiction
1981Charlotte Vale-Allen (Katharine Marlowe)The Marmalade ManFiction
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1983Alice HoVociesMusical Scores & Recordings
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1983Lorna CrozierThe WeatherPoetry
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1983Mary di MicheleNecessary SugarPoetry
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1983Kathy StinsonBig or LittleChildren's & Young Adult
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1983Cécile GagnonSurprises et sortilègesChildren's & Young Adult
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1983Violet ArcherReflections (text D. Carter)Musical Scores & Recordings
1983Kristjana GunnarsThe Axe’s EdgeFiction
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1986Phyllis GrosskurthMelanie Klein: Her World and Her WorkBiography
1986Geneviève LetarteSoleil rauqueFiction
1986Claire HarrisTravelling to Find a RemedyPoetry
1986Mary BaloghThe First SnowdropFiction
1986Louise BouchardEffets d'Amérique (Collab. others)Poetry
1986Charlotte DiamondDiamond in the RoughSinger-Songwriters
1986Betty Jane WylieTime BombDrama
1986Joan BarfootDancing in the DarkFiction
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1986Paulette Bourgeois"Franklin the Turtle" SeriesChildren's & Young Adult
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1986Louise DupréChambresPoetry
1986Louise WarrenÉcrire la lumièrePoetry
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1986Jan ZwickyWittgenstein ElegiesPoetry
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1986Leona GomHousebrokenFiction
1986Evelyn LauRunaway: Diary of a Street KidMemoir
1986Esther RochonCoquillage / The Shell (Trans. 1990)Fiction
1986Patricia CullenCare Bears Movie II: A New GenerationChildren's & Young Adult
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1986Bobby HutchinsonWherever You GoFiction
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