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In addition to the publications listed here, this writer also has digital texts available through the Playwrights Guild of Canada website.
You may read the first five pages of these plays online. If you register with PGC and Access Copyright, you will be able to read the entire play, and purchase the right to print it and make copies.
More information is available at her website (last accessed March 12, 2011).
East of the Sun, West of the MoonDrama 
East of the Sun, West of the MoonChildren's & Young Adult 
PinocchioChildren's & Young Adult2003 
Power of One (Prod. 1994)Drama 
Signe's Lost Colours (Collab. Rodney Brown)Children's & Young Adult1998 
Signe's Lost Colours (Collab. Rodney Brown)Drama1998 
The Body Image Project (Prod. 1992)Drama 
The Two Rooms of Grace (copyscript)Drama1999 
Under the Moon With Aunt Birdie (copyscript)Children's & Young Adult2002 
Under the Moon With Aunt Birdie (copyscript)Drama2002 
Who Cares? (copyscript)Children's & Young Adult2003 
Who Cares? (copyscript)Drama2003 
Wings of Resistance (Collab. K. Boyer et al.; copyscript)Drama1998 
Zak and the Magic Blue Stone (copyscript)Children's & Young Adult1997 
Zak and the Magic Blue Stone (copyscript)Drama1997