Below is the list of your selected writer's works, sorted alphabetically by title. Click the link to download a PDF version of this list, or use the breadcrumb to navigate back to the alphabetical list of writers and choose another name.
Many of Kelley Armstrong's short stories are available for free on her web page. More information is available at her website (last accessed March 13, 2011).
Becoming (Collab. Xaviere Daumarie; e-book, print edition released 2011)Fiction2007 
Counterfeit MagicFiction2010 
Dime Store MagicFiction2004 
Enthralled (Ed. with Melissa Marr)Fiction2011 
Enthralled (Ed. with Melissa Marr)Anthology2011 
Exit StrategyFiction2007 
Hidden (Collab. Xaviere Daumarie; illustrated by Daumarie)Fiction2011 
Industrial MagicFiction2004 
Living with the DeadFiction2008 
Made to be BrokenFiction2009 
Men of the OtherworldFiction2009 
No Humans InvolvedFiction2007 
Personal DemonFiction2008 
Spell BoundFiction2011 
Tales of the OtherworldFiction2010 
The AwakeningChildren's & Young Adult2009 
The AwakeningFiction2009 
The CallingChildren's & Young Adult2012 
The CallingFiction2012 
The GatheringChildren's & Young Adult2011 
The GatheringFiction2011 
The ReckoningChildren's & Young Adult2010 
The ReckoningFiction2010 
The SummoningFiction2008 
The SummoningChildren's & Young Adult2008 
Waking the WitchFiction2010